Dabbling With The Mental Ray Skin Shader

First off, this head model is released from the fine folk at Infinite. It came with the color and normal map (no displacement used). I spent 5 minutes making a spec map out of the color map.

Had a task to figure out good controls for a skin shader, so I turned to Mental Ray’s Misss_Fast_Skin to see what it had to offer. While the setup I came up with is not the way to set it up to simulate correctly (see Tony Reynold’s DVD for that), it gave pretty nice results without having to input too many maps. Below are the results and on the bottom is more info on the setup. The lighting was done with sIBL, which is an awesome lighting tool to get stuff looking good really fast.

Mental Ray Skin Render

Below is the setup

Mental Ray Skin Setup

You can download the shader here to see the individual settings.


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  1. MSK
    MSK says:

    wheres the download link? Thanks, I also use the sibl set-up and miss fast, was curious to your set-up.

    “You can download the shader here to see the individual settings.”


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