Character Utility

This character utility is in progress, but I have finished the skeletal utility section. This tab consists of three sections: Local Rotation Axis, Rotation Order and Utilities (right now only naming).

The Local rotation axis allows you to auto orient joints and set manual tweak to joints. If the top checkbox is checked it will do whatever action within this section on the joint selected and all of it’s children.

The rotation order section allows you to set just that on either selected joint (bottom), or the entire joint chain (top). Because I hate selecting stuff over and over, I implemented a mode that will auto walk down a chain and let you just click whatever rotation order that you want in between.

The naming utility works much the same way as the joint orient section. Name entire chains, name selected or auto walk down the joint chain and name as you go. Additionally, I added side options for automatic labeling of left, right and center. Also, there is a auto numbering feature for quick naming of tail01, tail02 etc…

/Christian Akesson